Course Outline

Months 1 - 2 - 3

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is by far the most effective business tool you can use to create your own success. The sky is literally the limit. We teach you the secrets and help you apply them step by step.
In the first 3 months following your registration, you will also learn how to build a solid foundation on which your success will rest. This is the cornerstone of your future and our unique Round Table concept its key application.
Months 4 to 36

Lessons & Applications

Knowledge is raw power. Building a solid foundation is the launchpad from which you will lift off. The lessons and applications are the fuel and the software you need to keep your success on track and ongoing, nurturing it and growing with it.

How We Work Together

Register for the Course

Registering for the course shows us that you are committed to your success. That is all it takes to set you on the right path. Everyone can afford it. Once registered, you will receive our Welcome Email to confirm your registration and request your Welcome Kit.

Step 1
Step 2

Qualification & Certification Process

Success is a process. It starts with building a solid foundation. We take you step by step through that process, and reward you accordingly. You will earn as you learn. Once you have completed certification, you have locked in your success.

Completion & Recognition

As you complete the course, you learn to nurture and grow with your success. As you apply the lessons and complete the assignments, you start earning more and more. Once the course is completed, you receive the recognition you deserve and are compensated from us for having succeeded.

Step 3

We Offer

We offer what no other program can. Not only do we teach you what, how and when, we actually take you all the way there and we reward you just for getting there, on top of everything else. Achieving the kind of success you have only dreamed of is now very easy to do.

Once you are willing, just follow the path and you got it. It's that simple. Take the first Step and Register Today!

Learn More About Us. Watch Video.

TAIMS is the only learning center of its kind in the world. It provides all its students with the unique opportunity to succeed online, whether they have experience or not. As a matter of fact, no experience is actually an asset; those who do have online marketing experience may have to unlearn first and start the learning process all over again.
You will benefit from the teachings of those who possess the experience and knowledge necessary to provide unique guidance to our certified students.